LithiaRX: Real-time formulary management and benefit design solutions.
We help our clients dispense the most clinically and cost-effective drugs to their patients. 

Key capabilities we provide include formulary management, benefit design and administration, rebate submission with best-in-class auditing, and claim adjudication. Our customers work with us because we offer customization, actionable reporting, and hands-on client service. We collaborate closely with clients beginning with implementation support, education on best practices and opportunities for continuous improvement, and we provide ongoing advisory services to support clients in enhancing their market competitiveness.

Trinity Healthcare Solutions: Technology-driven pharmacy benefit solutions supporting pharmacy benefit administrators and managers, payers, and pharmacies.
Trinity provides comprehensive formulary and rebate management services, data and analytics, pharmacy claim management, and pharmacy network strategy advisory services. Clients work with Trinity because we bring industry knowledge and best-in-class analytics to help clients craft actionable strategies and monitor performance on an ongoing basis.
StatimRx: On-demand pharmacy and medication delivery solutions.

Patients need medications around the clock. StatimRx has built a market-leading, on-demand delivery platform to power this critical capability. Our nationwide pharmacy network of over 70,000 retail locations in conjunction with our PBM technology provides access to drugs wherever patients need them at a competitive cost. StatimRx delivery services leverage a custom-built, cloud-based logistics platform that customers use to place, track, and verify delivery of orders. We work with thousands of delivery drivers nationwide and provide 24/7 customer service through our dedicated dispatch center.  

Clients work with us because we ensure deliveries to patients are made in a timely, accurate, and transparent fashion.

SPS Health Medical Rebates: Medical rebate management solutions for health plans, physician offices, or health systems. 

Designed around your business goals with considerations for customer, member, and clinical impacts, SPS Health Medical Rebates offers a highly-tailored approach to medical rebate services.

Our comprehensive suite of preferred drug lists with associated medical policies and support solutions are customized to specifically serve the needs of each customer and uncover opportunities to balance clinical and financial objectives. With our collaborative approach and actionable analytics, clients can make informed decisions about benefit design to balance access with affordability.