Milwaukee, Wisconsin, October 9, 2023 – SPS Health, a technology-driven organization dedicated to developing solutions for pharmacies and other healthcare players to manage drug spend, and Plenful, an AI-powered workflow automation platform streamlining pharmacy and healthcare operations, have announced a strategic partnership. Plenful recently launched with over 20 enterprise customers across health systems and pharmacies.

“SPS Health is excited to partner with Plenful to tackle pharmacy operational pain points and help our clients manage through a difficult economic and staffing environment,” said Craig Douglas, SPS Health’s Chief Trade & Strategy Officer. “At SPS Health, we have a responsibility to our clients to help create a sustainable marketplace, and Plenful is another piece of that puzzle.”

SPS Health’s partnership with Plenful opens doors for its client base to further streamline operations, reduce costs, and provide better patient care by automating day-to-day administrative workflows such as document data entry for onboarding and referral orders, 340B auditing and savings identification, and pharmacy revenue cycle.

Joy Liu, the CEO of Plenful, experienced firsthand the challenges that impede care teams within the healthcare sector, largely stemming from the overwhelming volume of manual and administrative work. Recognizing the need for automation technology, she envisioned a platform that effortlessly merges different data sources and can be configured to customer-specific rules.

“As a pharmacy operator, I was privileged to work with exceptional pharmacists and technicians and saw the extent of administrative inefficiencies that lead to burnout and healthcare staffing shortages,” said Liu. “Our use of configurable workflow automation and AI maximizes output for operations teams, from supporting revenue growth to eliminating manual work. Plenful’s goal is to free up healthcare staff for top-of-license tasks and empower organizations to do more with their existing resources,” said Joy Liu. “It’s been a pleasure working with SPS Health, with their strong knowledge and network in the LTC pharmacy space and our shared commitment for helping pharmacies bring the best support to their staff and patients.”

SPS Health Chief Commercial Officer Matt Lewis echoed, “We are excited for this next chapter of growth with Plenful. At SPS Health, we have built innovative solutions and services designed to stay ahead of the curve for our clients. Plenful’s operational advancements in the pharmacy industry can immediately enhance our client’s ability to evolve with industry trends and challenges.”

A common thread across SPS Health companies is a focus on listening to client needs and designing compliant, creative approaches to deliver clinically sound and cost-effective patient care. With Plenful’s technology and healthcare expertise, SPS Health can advance its innovative solutions and further empower healthcare and pharmacy organizations’ ability to improve operational excellence.

SPS Health was founded with the vision to bring together the expertise, talent, and technology of LithiaRx, StatimRx, and Trinity Healthcare Solutions to be the partner of choice for our clients and continue driving the best innovations in the marketplace. We offer pharmacies, healthcare providers, and PBMs a comprehensive portfolio of services, including formulary management, on-demand pharmacy services, and benefit administration. To learn more about SPS Health, visit

Plenful is a no-code software platform streamlining healthcare and pharmacy operations through AI-powered workflow automation. Plenful seamlessly integrates with disparate data sources and automates manual and administrative workflows that burden care teams today. To learn more about Plenful and to request a demo, visit them at